CybOrg would like to congratulate the following players for their outstanding performance in this year’s CTF:

1st Place – Sam Smoker (Senior) w/ 451 points – winner, WIFI PINEAPPLE NANO
2nd Place – Mina Zhou (Senior) w/ 350 points – winner, BASH BUNNY
3rd Place – Ian Bunner (Sophomore)  w/ 100 points – winner, LAN TURTLE
Rookie Award – Ben Rice (Freshman) – winner, USB RUBBER DUCKY

(The Rookie Award is awarded to a first-time player who demonstrates exceptional grit, tenacity and skill throughout the 48-hour CTF.)

Our team finished in the top 85% of schools! Unfortunately, we did not qualify for CSAW finals this year. Our team demonstrated remarkable perseverance in the face of tough challenges and we expect to only improve our standing in the next competition.

Special thanks to Hak5 for helping us to put on this event!

We would also like to thank our CTF mentors: Ashley Kalina, Ashley Nuckols, Jonathan Itzhaky (Crowdstrike), KMAP, and Sean Straw ’17.


1st and 2nd place winners of CSAW CTF at USC, Sam Smoker (left) and Mina Zhou (right)

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