CybOrg would like to congratulate the following players for their outstanding performance in this year’s CTF: 1st Place – Sam Smoker (Senior) w/ 451 points – winner, WIFI PINEAPPLE NANO 2nd Place – Mina Zhou (Senior) w/ 350 points – winner, BASH BUNNY 3rd Place – Ian Bunner (Sophomore)  w/ 100 points – winner, LAN TURTLE Rookie Award – Ben Rice (Freshman) – winner, USB RUBBER DUCKY (TheContinue reading “USC CSAW CTF Winners!”

CSAW Capture The Flag: Preliminary Round

Photo: NYU CSAW CTF is the world’s largest student-run cyber security competition, and CybOrg wants you to be a part of it! If you are interested in participating in CSAW but have not yet applied, please fill out the following short application: The deadline to submit your application for CSAW CTF is Wednesday, August 9thContinue reading “CSAW Capture The Flag: Preliminary Round”