General Meeting 2: Tech Talk with Sandia Labs

Join us this Wednesday, January 30th, for our second general meeting with special guest Sandia National Labs! We’ll be pairing with the members of USC’s Society of Women Engineers to hear from these three fantastic speakers! Here’s a little bit of background about each of them but be sure to come out to the event to hear what they have to say about cryptography, attack techniques, and network deception!

Jina Lee – Jina Lee received her PhD in computer science from University of Southern California. Her PhD research focused on building computational models of human behaviors and social interactions for virtual humans. At Sandia, she has been applying machine learning and data science methods to various topics including anomaly detection in network traffic, dynamic topic modeling, and illicit trade activity detection.

Denise Grayson – Denise Grayson is a computer scientist who specializes in incident response, network defense and forensics. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Tulsa and has worked for 10+ years in cyber security on federal government networks. At Sandia, she is part of the enterprise cyber security team working to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber incidents.

Vince Urias – Vincent Urias is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, where he has spent the last fifteen years conducting cyber security research and development. His research areas include cyber testbedding, cyber deception, cyber modeling and simulation, as well as cyber analytics, cloud computing, and networking​.


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Tech Talk #8 with Tanium

Cyborg Tech Talk #8

Our final Tech Talk of the semester will be with Tanium. Join us for a talk about the state of cybersecurity today and job opportunities that Tanium is offering. The speakers will include:

Dylan DeAnda: Senior Director – Technical Acct. Management/Director of the Internship Program
Stephanie Aceves (USC & ITP Alum): Associate of Technical Acct. Management
Amy Sauceda: Technical Recruiter
Zachary Nandapurkar (USC Student) – Intern – Technical Acct. Management and Future Associate of Technical Acct. Management

More event details here.